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This group is dedicated to the learning and sharing of music, movies, literature, and all other forms of art (and history) from these three amazing decades. For novices and experts alike.

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This group is dedicated to the learning and sharing of music, movies, radio, dance, literature, and all other forms of art that would fall under these three decades. ( I realize that some articles about the 20s, 30s, and 40s would continue into the 50s. That's fine if the topic began in the earlier decade.)

This group is for novices and experts alike, and from all age ranges. I'm basically a beginner but hopefully we'll have varying degrees of knowledge.

I expect the group will have more videos of music than anything else. I would like to see much more, so by all means, feel free to write or seed articles about the many forms of art from these eras. You may enjoy art deco and want to share that. I love the fashions from the period so I'll be adding vintage photos and articles regarding that.

Some are big history buffs of the movies, including the stars and directors. Feel from to leave many video clips of the movies themselves as well as biographies and interviews of your favorite actors, producers, directors, etc.

Do you like to research the deppression? We all know it was a huge part of these decades, and it wasn't pretty.There was also racism and discrimination in many forms. So feel free to share that aspect.

World War ll buffs definitely have something to offer. The Holocaust was real and should never be forgotten.

Sports was going through a lot of changes. Some people love to write stories about that.

I hope you'll enjoy the group, whether you join, or just want to check in every now and then. I think there's a need for it on NV.

Don't forget the CoH. Let's keep it classy.


Darrah (creator /administrator) 12/ 20 /10